There is no wrong way.

I wish someone would have told me this years ago. It took way too long to realize myself and I am writing this post to tell you what I know now.

Innovation, service design, design thinking, the customer experience — they are not perfect methods. They are changing as rapidly as your customers are. And they should, they were meant to grow, to change, to be different, to fail, to succeed.

There are some brilliant people openly sharing their ideas on these subjects and sometimes their ideas can be intimidating — wow, what if I fuck up this idea when I try to implement it?

Don’t scare yourself into inaction. Do it, try it, share it — what worked, what didn’t, where you went wrong. Build on these ideas. Keep the process moving. Try something new with your team.

I know you have never done this before. I hadn’t either. It was scary, but it is less scary when you realize that there is no wrong way to approach innovation or ideas or new ways to build, work or create.

These ideas are here to help you, not judge you.

There is no wrong way to ideate and innovate.

The only wrong way is doing nothing.

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