What we talk about.

Troy and Lesley speak regularly at conferences, industry events and group training sessions.


Lesley Thompson

Lesley is a trainer and customer advocate. As the co-founder and operations director at Pattern, she helps employees understand and develop customer empathy through hands-on training and facilitation.

Topics include:

  • accessibility for customers
  • scrum for higher education
  • customer empathy with imodules

Experience with:

  • group training
  • scrum
  • imodules

Troy Thompson

Troy is a designer and speaker. As the co-founder and design director at Pattern, he helps companies think like customers. Troy believes in designing for good, fighting for simplicity and short bios.

Topics include:

  • uncovering the customer experience
  • innovation through design
  • empowering employees for change

Experience with:

  • shared-learning methods
  • collaborative decision making
  • LEGO serious play


Booking Troy or Lesley.

Speaking appearances:

  • are available for audiences of 5 to 5,000
  • should be scheduled 3 months in advance
  • start at 2,500 (plus travel)
  • can be booked by email (info@patternservicedesign.com)