“Have you ever seen Kitchen Nightmares? Where Gordan Ramsey gives simple, but tough advice? Troy is like that, but with less yelling.”

Troy and Lesley have spoken at more than 150 conferences, industry events, hackathons, universities, association meetings and roundtables.

Keynote and speaking appearance: TEDx
Keynote and speaking appearance: UNWTO
Keynote and speaking appearance: Ignite

“He (Troy) absolutely brought the house down.”
— A. Simnick, Art Institute of Chicago

“We should of had Troy as our keynote speaker…we will next year.”
— J. Edman, Explore Minnesota Tourism

“Prepared and professional. She [Lesley] stayed for nearly 4 hours after her session for impromptu one-on-one sessions.”
— M. Power, United Way of Denver

Lesley Thompson

Lesley is a trainer and customer advocate. Her most popular keynotes are: accessibility on the web and building great teams by being nice.

Troy Thompson

Troy is an innovation leader and creative thinker. His most popular keynotes are: create like a customer and an empathy revolution.

Fees and booking.

Troy and Lesley usually speak for free*, but require travel compensation.

To hold dates, please email us.


*We don’t pay to speak or sponsor to speak.