Why we started over.

Somewhere during all of the writing and working, we lost focus.

I am not sure when it happened, but I know that it happened.

The old blog, posts, articles, stories took too long, chased perfection and ultimately — most importantly — became less useful for our customers.

You, the reader, the client, the peer — our customers.

I advocate constantly for a thoughtful, yet quick approach with all of our clients. Make mistakes, prototype your ideas, try and fail, then try again.

But our writing — the cornerstone of our success as a firm — was not following this advice.

So, I decided to change it.

To change everything.

It is the creative destruction of the old blog and the introduction of a new one.

What should you expect?

We post about our experience with service design and helpful ideas to improve your customer relationships.

You should expect more:

  • writing
  • ideas
  • opinions
  • doodles
  • randomness

You should expect us to explain how we did something and why we did it.

And you should expect a focus on design, customers and innovation.

I hope you like the new direction.

And if you don’t, please tell me.

PS. You can find the old blog here.

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