Mini experience map.

How can I learn about experience mapping?

We build an experience map in an hour with 40 strangers during a 1-hour conference breakout session.

How? We introduced the concept of experience mapping through mini experience maps — personal worksheets that helped participants learn by doing.

(Skip ahead: Download our mini experience map template.)

The mini experience map — how we are teaching clients and participants about building experience maps.

Why we built a mini experience map.

We found that mini experience maps:

  • introduce the idea of experience mapping in small steps
  • start co-creating as quickly as possible
  • make the experience familiar
  • build confidence to encourage future mapping use

How we used it.

The mini experience map is a focused version of a typical experience map with three key components.

First, we made sure everyone was working on the same customer experience journey, for this workshop it was being a customer of the conference.

By selecting an experience that the participants were actively involved in, they could quickly build qualitative data for use on their map.

Second, we focused the worksheet around 6 core elements:

  1. Lens
  2. Stages
  3. Doing
  4. Thinking
  5. Feeling
  6. Ideas

Third, we paired up the participants to encourage discussion as they filled out their maps.

What we learned.

With limited time and little (participant) preparation, the mini experience map was a big success. It helped participants learn the basics of building an experience map and encouraged future use of the tactic.

We found that participants:

  • were comfortable with the reduced size
  • developed confidence by working in pairs
  • (some) started adding new stages (beyond our initial 3)
  • (most) wanted to build new maps / continue using them

How you can use a mini experience map.

Our mini experience map is a prototype. We are still determining ways to use and improve the format to help new clients and workshop participants learn to build experience maps.

Download our mini experience map template.

Other ways we might use the mini experience map:

  • Combining mini maps into a full experience map. At the end of the workshop, we began to combine the mini experience maps into a full experience map. By using Post-it notes on the mini maps, it was easy to transfer information between maps.
  • As a data collection tool. We are expertimenting with using the mini experience map as a survey tool. Sent via email, respondents would become familiar with the basic grid ahead of an experience map workshop.
  • During the customer experience. Having participants complete their map while experiencing the service allowed for clearer observations. We are considering modifying the mini map and using it during a customer interview.
  • As a practice exercise. We had a new client team learn about experience mapping by building a mini map of a common experience — (we chose) getting to work. The mini map allowed our client team to learn by doing with an experience other than their own.

The mini experience map — how we are teaching clients and participants about building experience maps.

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