Introducing Pattern.

Our firm was once known as the Travel 2.0 Consulting Group.

The name had roots in the original title for this blog — Travel 2.0.

It once represented the service we provided to our customers, but as our services evolved the name became disconnected from the experience.

Travel 2.0 Consulting Group was:

Both in terms of the work we do and the industries we serve.
Our firm started in digital, but it is not what we do now.
A poor domain
Ugh, spelling the dot in 2.0 was a poor choice in retrospect.
Difficult to pronounce
Do you say dot or point, even we could not decide.
Prospective clients told us the word consulting was anywhere from confusing to disliked.
Just me
For the most part, it was a single person firm.

Pattern is:

Easier to spell, easier to type as a URL.
A better representation of what we do.
Representative of the multiple sectors we serve.
A term we utilize naturally with customers.
(A) Partnership
My wife and I are the founders, with support from several freelance contractors.

In the end, it is just a name — not our brand.

Our brand is your experience with our firm.

Our intention is to make that experience:

  • clear
  • concise
  • thoughtful
  • inclusive
  • constructive
  • progressive

Our new name is just one representation of our intended experience.

But we still hope you like it.

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